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Daniel Hartwell aka. siux
+49 (0)179 37 933 28

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about myself


  • Mittlere Reife (Helene-Lange Gymnasium)
  • Abitur (Corvey Gymnasium)
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma (Impington Sixthform College)


  • Conception (Design, Software, GUI, UI, UE, Usability)
  • Design (Illustration, Digital editing, Drawing, Painting)
  • Animation (Flash, Javascript, Framebased)
  • Programming (Frontend, Backend, Database, CMS)

Languages, Programs, Techniques

Photoshop, Flash, Actionscript 2, HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, MySQL, PHP 4/5, Javascript, jQuery, XML, Jason, XUL, etc.

Born 29/08/1984 Henstedt-Ulzburg (Germany)
84-86	Schleswig, Hamburg, Lauenburg, Lübeck (Germany)
87-88	Florenz, Rom (Italy)
88-89	Paris (France)
89-90	Germany, England, Belgium, Switzerland, France
91-01	Primary school (Kielortallee), Sixth-Form (Helene-Lange-Gymnasium) Hamburg (Germany)
00		Work at ID-Media AG Hamburg (Germany)
01-03	Impington International Sixthform College Cambridge (England)
03-04	Work at BASE Hamburg (Germany)
04-07	Logistics, Bar, Stageconstruction, Light and Sound, Personell Management,
		Lagobay Beachclub, Café Lago, Edelfettwerk, 25 Hours Hotel, Café Käse, Park Projekte
		Pinnebay Wasserskyanlage Pinneberg, etc. Hamburg (Germany)
04-06	Sixth-Form Corvey Gymansium Hamburg (Germany)
06-07	Army (6 Weeks) Civilservice (7 ½ Months)
04-10	Freelance Designer, Programmer und Consultant,
		Belle Etage Event, Stilbureau, NoIdea, Stageclub Hamburg, Code Unique Events, etc.
11		Work at effektor Agentur für Interaktive Medien,
		Creation, Webdesign and Conception,
	Function Programming and Online Solutions

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